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Testing is performed on a quantum magnetic resonance bioanalyzer to determine more accurately the functional state of the human body. Integrated express test is highly detected health problem areas and prevent violations of the organs and systems, and also harmonize the body's energy balance. Bioanalyzer evaluates functional health status of more than 300 parameters, comparing the received signals with the reference values, and provides therapeutic recommendations and explanations.

Quantum Magnetic Resonance Bioanalyzer undertakes a preliminary analysis of health, identifies underlying risk for various diseases. You can not have diseases now, but their appearance is very likely in the near future. This method helps to make the prevention in time of these diseases before symptoms and to prevent their further development.


As follows from the analysis, you will know:

  • detailed report about the health of all body system;
  • causative factor, parasitosis (viruses, bacteria, fungi, infections);
  • psycho-emotional state;
  • detailed analyses of spine regions;
  • consultation of underlying risk for various diseases;
  • recommendations for improvement and restoration of the body's systems;
  • nutrition recommendations.

Diagnostic procedure takes one hour.

This test is necessary to do no less than 2 hours following meals.

It is necessary to know your weight and growth.

For receiving more accurate results, it is recommended do not drink alcohol, medicines (if possible) during 24 hours before test.

In accordance with results of test our specialists advise and prepare individual programs to you. And also give additional recommendations of health recovery, nutrition, water schedule and etc.

The price of diagnostic – 40 euro.

It is possible to have a diagnostic testing with 2 devices together. It takes more than one hour, but you will know more detailed information about your health. If you choose 2 diagnostics at once, you will have special conditions and discounts.