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Neurofunctional diagnostic method is to determine the extent of the autonomic regulation of the internal organs on the basis of changes in the excitability of neurons of the spinal cord segments in response to a slight stimulation of the standard electric pulse distal extremities skin receptors.

The method of puncture therapy is based on the principle of normalization of the functional autonomic state centers through specific stimulation of biologically active points (BAP) of the skin after the pre-held diagnostic level of vegetative disorders in a specific person.

The instrument part of the NFD carriers out the following functions:

  • It generates an electrical signal, and carriers out automatic test the electrophysiological properties of the patient's skin in the area of application of the active electrode;
  • It generates a therapeutic flow of a given configuration for electropunctural manipulation

 During this diagnostic, the client is connected to a medical device, but this medical device is connected to the computer. During the test, the patient will see all the internal organs, and how they are on the screen. Each of you will see the digestive system, the endocrine system of the body, blood vessels, bone structure, stomach, kidneys, liver, brain, and others.

 The sectional neurofunctional diagnostic «POINTS» is highly detected the disease in its early stages; determines the exact cause of the disease; does not cause pain. This diagnostic helps to select an individual program of treatment activities and prevention. After the examination, each of you will receive a printed photos and a description of their diagnosis.

Diagnostic procedure takes one hour.

This test is necessary to do no less than 2 hours following meals.

For receiving more accurate results, it is recommended do not drink alcohol, medicines (if possible), do not lubricate the hands and feet with cream during 3 days before Neurofunctional Diagnostic.

In accordance with results of test our specialists advise and prepare individual programs to you. And also give additional recommendations of health recovery.

The price of diagnostic – 40 euro.

It is possible to have a diagnostic testing with 2 devices together. It takes more than one hour, but you will know more detailed information about your health. If you choose 2 diagnostics at once, you will have special conditions and discounts.