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Firry Sbiten with sage – hot Russian drink with honey and spices which gives you health and strong immunity.

INDICATIONS ANS USAGE: oral phlogotic process; prevents the development of enteric infections, and normalizes intestinal tract; eliminates dysbacteriosis; eliminating the development of stomatitis, periodontal disease, dental caries, etc.; normalizes the monthly women cycles; prevents the development of prostatitis; protects against ARVI; prevents influenza, tracheitis, laryngitis; improves body tone, endurance, hard work (fatigue); it stimulates the appetite and normalize it in the propensity to overeating, excessive consumption of carbohydrates (metabolic disorders, anorexia);

INGREDIENTS: honey syrup, an extract from germinated cereals, stevioside, spicy and aromatic composition in variable proportions: sage, cinnamon, mint, laurel, clove, nutmeg, anisetree, bayberry, propolis extract of Siberian fir.

DIRECTIONS: 1-20 teaspoon in a cup (100 ml) of water, tea, coffee, hot wine punch. It is hot drink. If you like sweeter drinks, add more Sbiten to your cup. Sweet taste of this product provides not only honey, but also "sugar grass" stevia. And it is not only very useful, but also very famous of zero calories.

CONTRA INDICATIONS: intolerance of the product components.