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Natural sweetener Sucralose - safe sugar substitute.

The results of scientific sucralose research reviewed and approved by Commission of Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The sucralose does not have cancerigenic properties for the growth of unhealthy cells. The usage of sucralose is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) even healthy people.

INDICATIONS ANS USAGE: diabetes mellitus; obesity and overweight; with low mood and depression (to stimulate positive emotions).

INGREDIENTS: sucralose, maltodextrin.

DIRECTIONS: daily value without restriction; safe during pregnancy; it can be used during breastfeeding and early childhood; zero calories and no overweight; it does not cause tooth decay; thermostable; the body uptakes only 15% of sucralose and during 24 hours this sucralose is excreted with urine.

CONTRA INDICATIONS: intolerance of the product components.