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Galipot (5%, 12.5%, 25%) improves your health.

Every person receives tree life force with galipot.

5 % - ingestion 12.5% - mucosal treatment 25% - application

INDICATIONS ANS USAGE: it is beneficial to women’s and men’s health, fasten recovery after gynecological disorders and sexual debility; it is very good for lactating mother; it relieves for joint and neurological diseases - anaesthetic; fasten recovery after trauma and fractures; improves organs of the digestive system; favor weight loss because it normalizes fat metabolism; relieves diabetes and diseases of the thyroid body; reduces period of rehabilitation after surgeries and serious diseases;
improve immune system; anti-tumor activity; it is beneficial to oral cavity and use often for the treatment and prevention of dental diseases; fasten skin recovery after skin diseases or skin lesion; it helps in the recovery of respiratory diseases.

INGREDIENTS: galipot, cedar oil.

DIRECTIONS: ½ teaspoon 2 times a day – it is 10 % of carotenoids of the daily value.

CONTRA INDICATIONS: there are no contra indications.

EXPIRATION DATA & STORAGE: 12 months in fridge.